Anti-Stalker Voice Changer For Mobiles


By David Ponce

Not a whole lot of actual information on this product aside from a spiffy picture and a sparkly concept. If anyone out there knows more about this (and I suspect someone does), please enlighten us.

Meanwhile, this is what I do know. Say you’re the kind of gal (or funny kind of pal) that doesn’t like being stalked. There’s a good chance you might scare your creep away if you were to suddenly answer your mobile in a rugged male tone. Well, that’s just what this lovely heart-shaped product from Japan does.

While voice changers are nothing new, it’s the first time I see one that works with cellphones.

And that’s it. That’s all I know. Go here and ask around I guess.

Update: Well, thanks to Red for finding a link to an online retailer with these things. Here. It’s an 8-voice model, it’s $29 and there’s a list of compatible mobiles. Groovy!