Aquapac Waterproof Headphones (Image courtesy Aquapac)By Andrew Liszewski

With Aquapac’s latest set of headphones we’re not just talking splashproof or water resistant, no these things are 100% waterproof and are guaranteed to work even while submersed to a depth of about 33 feet which is pretty impressive.

The company claims that even though it took them a while to get the headphone sound quality up to an acceptable level they feel their waterproof versions now sound better than anything else on the market, even when used out of the water. Now while I don’t question the fact that these are probably the best sounding underwater earbuds on the market, I personally won’t be replacing my current pair with them anytime soon. However I do like the fact that they come with an EVA foam buoy which can be used to store the earbuds and wrap the cord when not in use. Of course it also prevents them from sinking to the bottom of your pool.

I do want to point out that even though the headphones themselves can be used up to a depth of 33 feet the Aquapac website actually includes a warning to not use them deeper than 10 feet since some medical research has shown that the extra pressure combined with strong sound waves can cause hearing damage with prolonged use.

The Aquapac waterproof headphones are available on the their website for $40.

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  1. Personally, I think it’s a good idea and everything but if you’re going to use waterproof earphones, then you’re also going to need a waterproof mp3 player which aren’t easy to come by.