ArchRuler (Images courtesy Matomeno)
By Andrew Liszewski

This ArchRuler design is so brilliantly simple that I have to assume it’s been thought of before. But, it’s new to me, and I’m going to assume new to at least a handful of you too. As someone with the unfortunate habit of biting their fingernails, picking flat or thin objects off a flat surface is next to impossible. Dropped change often has to be abandoned, and in grade school rulers had to be slid off the edge of a desk lest they be imprisoned on top forever.

Those problems I had to deal with as a student though would not have been so difficult had I been issued an ArchRuler at the start of the school year. As its name suggests, it arches upwards in the middle, making it easy to pick up off a flat surface. But it’s just as easy to use as a regular ruler by pressing down on the middle when you need to draw a straight line or make a measurement. Available from the Japanese online store Rakuten for ~$6.50, and probably a lot of other places too.

[ Matomeno – ArchRuler ]