Artemis Transparent Ceiling Fan


Artemis Transparent Ceiling Fan (Image courtesy G Squared)By Andrew Liszewski

The blades on this slick-looking ceiling fan are made from acrylic plastic and their unique shape and contours were designed by Mark Gajewski who had more than just aesthetics in mind when he created them. Sure they look cool and as the lighting in your home changes throughout the day it will result in some nice reflections but their ‘natural’ shape also means they can slice through the air with little to no noise.

The other advantage of course is that during the months when the fan is not in use it will serve as a visual tribute to how dusty your home is.

The Artemis Transparent Ceiling Fan is available from ‘G Squared’ for $399.95 and if the transparent look isn’t your thing it’s also available in mahogany, maple and off-white pearl finishes.

[Artemis Transparent Ceiling Fan] VIA [Productdose]