sanyoc5Something about this camera looks a little like a shark fin. A really cool, pocket sized, 30fps VGA DV taking shark fin. But if you want to take pictures instead, it’ll do that too at 5MP. If you can’t decide whether to film or take pictures… well, take pictures while you’re filming, you have that option.

It’ll encode your film to MPEG4, which then goes on the included SD card. You’ll want to upgrade though, as it only comes with 128MB, but hey, big deal. It comes with a large 2inch swiveling LCD, 5X optical zoom and 12X digital.

Don’t want to do anything fancy with it, like take pictures or film? That’s fine, use it as a webcam instead.

Don’t want to wash the dishes one night? No problem. Miniature robotic arms come out its sides and do the deed for you.

All this and more for 699 Euros.

Check it out.