atomic wrist watchBy Asim Waqar

Ok, so it is a bit of a leap to get to an atomic wrist watch from this, but not much:

Symmetricom, Inc. , a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency products and services, today announced that it

Has been awarded funding for Phase-III of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) program. The CSAC development will produce miniature, low power atomic clocks for precision timing applications in hand-held battery-powered instrumentation for use by military personnel.”

In other words, uber synchronised watches for our uber warriors. And also, don’t you think the word “uber” is overused?

Anyway, what’s new here is the fact that atomic clocks have been made so small. They’ve been around forever, but now, they fit on a wrist. The image on the face of the watch above is a prototype (miniature atomic clock heart) that has already been produced. And as we all know, the next step will be for someone to find a commercial application and make (even more) millions. You have to love how democracy, capitalism and innovation go hand in hand.

Visit the Symmetricom Atomic Clock projects page here.