AT&T Announces Eco-Friendly Zero Charger


Zero Charger

By Chris Scott Barr

It looks like AT&T has hopped on the eco-friendly bandwagon. They have announced a new mobile phone charger dubbed the Zero Charger, which is supposed to be the greenest of its kind. It’s common knowledge that many devices will still draw power, even after their battery has been fully charged. This USB charger is supposed to cut off the flow of energy as soon as your device is juiced up.

To take things a step further, AT&T is delivering the device in a recycled-cardboard container. They’re really hoping that environmentalists won’t have anything to complain about with this one. The only question left is whether it’s as friendly to your wallet as it is to the Earth. We should find out when it hits stores in May.

[ AT&T ] VIA [ Dvice ]


  1. This is indeed an eco-friendly charger. It's also going to save us a lot of money when we pay our electric bills. πŸ™‚ When I charge my cellphones or iTouch, I sometimes forget about them and they stay plugged in all the time until I remember to disconnect them from the USB or wall outlet. πŸ˜‰