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Au Triple Screen Phone Still Lacks Something

Au Triple Screen Phone Still Lacks Something

ActFace Concept Phone

By Evan Ackerman

The “Actface” concept phone from KDDI au (the second largest mobile operator in Japan, if you’ve never heard of them) is pimpin’ three full sized touch sensitive LCDs. It looks like it’s got a camera on the one (ugly and boring) surface with no screen, but other than that, there don’t seem to be any more details besides this video that shows off two thirds of the screens:

Apparently, when you press the keys, the screens react in sync with flowing graphics and stuff. Although it’s a concept, it does physically exist, and au has a pretty reliable history of commercializing sweet concept phones. But you have to wonder, why not go all the way with four screens? Even if it’s not any more useful, how cool would it be to have a phone that is entirely covered in screens? Then, you could use some custom wallpapers to make it look like an iPhone…

[ News Release (In Japanese) VIA [ Gearfuse ]