The Autonomous Saucier (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Don’t ask us how it works, because quite frankly we’re not entirely sure, but the next time you’re running around the kitchen frantically trying to prepare a gourmet meal you won’t have to worry about constantly stirring your sauce. With its 3 stainless steel legs and silicone rubber feet the Autonomous Saucier stands in your sauce pot and takes care of the stirring for you, continuously spinning and revolving around the pot mixing the ingredients.

One of the feet even features a mini silicone spatula which scrapes food off the bottom of the pot and ensures nothing burns while you’re distracted with other food preparation. The Saucier is powered by 4xAA batteries that keep it stirring for up to 4 hours (depending on which of the 3 speeds you’re using) and it works in sauces as deep as 4-inches and temperatures up to 572ยบ F. $39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  1. I have one and it works by vibrating while the feet have a moon shaped texture, causing it to turn quite nicely. Perfect for the “stir for the next 3 hours” while you prepare something else case.