Smart PJs

Pajamas don’t get any smarter than this. The aptly-named Smart PJs not only provide warmth and comfort, but they’ll also read your kids a bedtime story. Those patterns might just look like dots to you, but they’re more than just some design the pajamas’ makers decided to go with. Instead, they’re actually QR codes in disguise that’ll make your smartphone read a bedtime story or two to your child once you scan them.

The Smart PJs have been dubbed as the world’s “first and only interactive pajamas.” You’ll need to download an app that’s compatible on both Android and iOS devices and you’ll be good to go.

Smart PJs’ founder Juan Murdoch explains: “We purposely created Smart PJ’s with the scannable dot patterns all over them so that parents can help the child scan the stories on their backs where they can’t reach. We also put words to all the stories and animal information on the screen so that parents can turn off the volume and help the child learn to read the stories and words themselves.”

Smart PJs come in four sizes for both boys and girls and retails for $25.

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