AwolusaThat’s right. A while back, large versions of these machines were released all over. They were darn expensive, at roughly 3000$ a piece. Well, now there’s a portable version that can be yours for as little as 300$.

What is it? Well, it’s a new way of getting drunk. Essentially it’s an atomiser, meaning a device for mixing liquid with air in a mixture that can be inhaled. In this case, replace “liquid” with “party spirit of choice”.

It seems to produce a different kind of buzz, with allegedly no hangover. Problem is, it takes a little longer to produce its effect. Something in the order of 20 minutes longer. But hey, you can’t put a price on the novelty factor.

Incidentally, this product seems to be causing a whole load of American lawmakers’ panties to go up in one tight bunch. Just read one example of the press coverage.

Via Gizmag.

Also, visit the manufacturer’s website.


  1. In the current poltiical climate, the worst thing a manufacturer can do is introduce something that the average legislator doesn’t understand. That is a sure ticket to getting whatever it is banned. The second worst thing you can do is sell the product on the Internet – which all legislators know is the source of all evil.

    Pehraps, someone should tell them consumption of ethanol alcohol by persons under 21 is illegal whether it is via mouth or inhalant.

  2. All that stupid thing is is a nebulizer…just like the ones people with asthma , emphysema, COPD etc. use to administer thier albuterol, atrovent, and other ihaled medications.
    And it would NOT give you “alcohol WITHOUT liquid”…the liquid is still there, it is just in the form of a mist.
    The alcoholic beverage would simply be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs and exposed mucous membranes of the mouth and trachea.
    Anybody who spends thier money on that should consider themselves RIPPED OFF…for THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS no less.

  3. i have 2 two of these exact machines for asthma only thing they they did was slap that AWOL sticker on the door to the machine you can pick these things up for next to nothing

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