BakerTweet (Image courtesy POKE)
By Andrew Liszewski

A bakery in Shoreditch, London called Albion Cafe is now able to let their loyal customers know what’s fresh out of the oven thanks to the ever-growing social oddity known as Twitter. (@AlbionsOven) The BakerTweet is an Arduino-based box equipped with wifi that allows someone at the cafe to turn the dial to what’s cooking, and then simply hit a button to send a tweet to those following. The BakerTweet was actually developed by Poke, a “digital creative agency” who just happens to be located across the street from the Albion Cafe. Coincidence? Obviously not, but getting fresh baked goods first is as good a use for Twitter as I can think of.

[ BakerTweet ] VIA [ SlashGear ]


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