Beacon Yoga Mat

A lot of people post photos of themselves doing all sorts of yoga poses all the time, making it look oh-so-easy and effortless in their shots, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. If you’ve tried it (especially one of those headstand poses), then you know what I mean.There’s a lot of emphasis placed on getting the position right, because holding a pose when you’re doing it all wrong might cause an injury.

If you can’t do yoga with a friend or in a class where others will be able to help you out, then the next best thing is the Beacon yoga mat. It’s an interactive mat embedded with LEDs and a pressure sensor that lets you know when your hands or feet aren’t where they should be.

Beacon Yoga Mat0

If you’re applying too much pressure, those areas on the mat turns red. If you’re in the wrong position, areas on the mat turn violet to indicate the right one. And when you’re doing it correctly, the mat turns green.

You can follow the development of the Beacon yoga mat here.


VIA [ Incredible Things ]