Beautiful and Practical World Clock


The World ClockBy Asim Waqar

Since 1996, Beth and Robert have measured their success in terms of quality of life. A 3200 square foot ‘lab’ in Vancouver, Canada (OhCanada!) is where they have decided to realize this lifestyle change. The resulting torrent of imaginative brilliance takes physical form at the ‘lab’ and is transmitted via binary numbers to the unsuspecting public via This Is It Design Inc.

When hosting guests in Canada, etiquette dictates that clocks be set to the native local time of the visitors. This little known fact is the primary reason why family reunions are unpopular and Canadians were unable to draft a constitution until 1984. The designers of the World Clock are brilliant! While the rest of the world population will find this creation innovative and gorgeous, fellow Canadians will find it practical as well.

Constructed of anodized aluminum and powered by a 120 volt high torque synchron motor (voltage options available), the World Clock tells time simultaneously in 81 cities worldwide! Production numbers of this masterpiece are limited to 100, so you had better hurry.

Price is not listed on the site (probably due to the rapidly strengthening Canadian Dollar).

Visit the World Clock product page here.