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Bed Bunker Is Perfect For Post-Apocalyptic Planning

Bed Bunker Is Perfect For Post-Apocalyptic Planning


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember that little chat we had yesterday about robots and zombies taking over the world? Well I’m still convinced that it will happen one day (sooner, rather than later) and take my preparations for the uprising very seriously. One thing that is an absolute must-have in every household is a large safe for storing gratuitous amounts of armaments. Sure, you could go with one of those little stand-up lockers, but those can only hold so much, and are a little to obvious. You need to go with something a little bigger, while still well-hidden. You need the Bed Bunker.

This big-ass safe is perfect for holding guns, ammo, explosives and even a sword or two (those never run out of ammo). It’s fireproof, which means that if there are any documents that you think might still have value after the robot/zombie uprising has settled, you can keep them safe as well. All you need to do is pick the bed safe that fits your size needs and shell out between $2700 and $5200. Oh, and you’ll need to stock up on things to fill it with.

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