By Luke Anderson

As a kid I spent many a summer afternoon mowing lawns. Since I lived in the country, my neighbors had acres of land that needed mowing, unlike the small backyards that some kids clip for cash.  I remember always wanting a riding mower, however, had my parents gotten me this Mowercycle to use, I think I’d have given up the mowing biz.

I actually think this is kind of a cool idea. I’m not sure how practical it is, but if it works well, it would be an interesting alternative for those with small yards. Then again it might just take more effort than it’s worth. Unfortunately there’s no info about it, but I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to craft one for yourself if you really wanted to.

[ Flickr ] VIA [ Dvice ]


  1. It’s a pretty cool concept. Concerns would be with it tearing up the grass you just cut with the back wheel’s traction. maybe under inflating or modifying it for a larger tire could prevent it. One with a clipping catcher would be sweet.

  2. Where did you find that? I love the strange (possibly ingenuous) ideas that people will come up with. Not saying this is the best version of it, but you’d think the companies making the mechanical mowers could churn out a bicycle based one. Maybe even an attachment that works on any standard bike frame. One thing it’s missing is a water bottle holder. Gotta have a drink on those hot summer days.