Belkin USB Alarm

By Luke Anderson

I’m highly protective of my laptop, as it’s my portal to the rest of the digital world when I’m away from home. Rarely does it leave my sight, unless it’s locked away securely somewhere. However, some people will use their notebooks in a more public place such as a cafe, and leave it for short periods where it could be easily taken. That’s why Belkin created this USB Laptop Security Alarm.

Rather than locking the laptop down to a table or desk, this alarm is able to be secured to a sturdy object, and is plugged into an available USB port. If it is unplugged without the key being inserted, it will sound a rather loud alarm. This would stop just about any thief in their tracks. Peace of mind is yours for just $25.

[Belkin] VIA [EverythingUSB]


  1. Let’s just hope you’re between the thief and the door when this happens – cause running (with the laptop) away from the screaming alarm is probably gonna be his/her best option when it goes off…

  2. What if the cord is cut? Does it still go off? Also, I would hope that fits in nice and snug because it would really tick me off to move my laptop too far and accidentally set it off.