Better Than the Truck? Retro Game Console Transformers


Retro Game Console Transformers

Everyone has seen Optimus Prime transform into a truck and back again, but have you ever seen him transform into a Playstation 1 and vice versa? Thanks to toymaker Takara Tomy, you will. He transformed a Playstation 1 and a Genesis into two of the most recognizable characters in the franchise, Optimus Prime and Megatron, respectively, and it’s amazing how all of the parts just fall into place.

I doubt you’ll be able to play games on the video game consoles like normal, but then again, you’ve got your PS 3 for that. Hit the break to check out more shots of the transforming consoles.

Retro Game Console Transformers1

Retro Game Console Transformers2

Retro Game Console Transformers3

Retro Game Console Transformers4

Retro Game Console Transformers5

Retro Game Console Transformers6


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