By Luke Anderson

I have a number of gadgets that can charge via USB. This is convenient when I’m on the road because I can just pack couple of USB cables, rather than several bulky AC adapters. Unfortunately, if I want to charge these devices overnight, I have to leave my laptop running. That’s why these little Brighton Bi-Plugs caught my eye. They’re very simple and straight-forward, one end plugs into the wall, the other has a female USB port. Just toss one of these in your bag and you’ll be good to go. These will go on sale November 28th for an undisclosed price.

[Brightonnet] VIA [AkihabaraNews]


  1. If the engineering of this product received the same diligence as the translation of the website, I think I’ll pass. Besides, people’s opinions from countries whose “safety standards” still allow uninsulated pins may differ, but to me it looks just dangerously cheap.