Swiss Bikeboard Water (Images courtesy Swissbikeboard)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never in my life tried to water ski but that doesn’t stop me from laughing at those who have and particularly those who fall. I guess I just like walking around not completely covered in bruises. I would however jump at the chance to take a spin on this thing. The Bikeboard Water from Swissbikeboard is kind of a cross between water skiing and those stand-up type jet skis, but without the motor.

Like with water skiing you need to be towed by a boat but unlike water skiing the tow rope is connected directly to the Bikeboard apparently making it far easier for beginner riders to get going. It also has a set of handlebars that can be used for steering though I’m not entirely sure how that works unless there’s a small rudder on the underside I’m not seeing. If anything the Bikeboard Water at least looks far safer than other towed toys like say the Wego Kite Tube.

The Bikeboard Water is available directly from Swissbikeboard for $958 and can also be ordered in other configurations for use on land or snow. I just figured the water version was more appropriate for the summer time.

[ Bikeboard Water ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]


  1. A rudder underneath is not needed since the edges of the underlying board carves through the water hereby giving direction.
    I reckon that turning the handlebars will displace the stand thereby placing your weight off-center which would make you lean to one side and carving in that direction.
    Looks like fun!