Biometric Vehicle Ignition (Image courtesy SkyMall)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not surprisingly the SkyMall website doesn’t go into a lot of details about this after market biometric ignition system. Yes, we understand that all you need is a fingerprint in order to be able to start your car, but with a $699.95 price tag, not including installation which is going to require cutting a hole in your dashboard, I’d like a few more specifics. Like how many users does the reader support? How is it configured? Is there some external display that also has to be mounted somewhere on your dash? What happens if I just lost all of my fingerprints in an industrial acid accident? Is there a secret override or am I going to have to take a cab home from work?

It’s probably one of those things you’d want to buy and have installed at your dealership, instead of ordering it as an impulse buy while waiting for your flight to take off from O’Hare.

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