Black & Decker 20 Million Candlepower Spotlight (Image courtesy The Green Head)By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to flashlights is there really such a thing as too bright? It seems Black & Decker doesn’t think so since their latest spotlights have an impressive 20 million candlepower rating. Now when it comes to physics I’m no Richard Feynman but I’m pretty sure a flashlight this powerful could actually let you see all the way around the world, and possibly even back in time. But just a couple of days.

Not surprisingly the spotlight also has a rather unimpressive runtime of about 25 minutes when powered by its rechargeable batteries but it can also be plugged into a 12-volt DC outlet allowing you to drain the battery on your vehicle as well. It uses 2 replaceable 120-watt Philips halogen bulbs and even includes a shoulder strap since you’ll probably get tired of holding it well before the 25 minutes of battery life runs out.

It’s currently available from Amazon for $76.24. I suggest getting two for Hallowe’en night so you can dress up as the 40 million candlepower monster who blinds little kids.

[ Black & Decker 20 Million Candlepower Spotlight ] VIA [ The Green Head ]