Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 (Image via Blaupunkt)
By Shane McGlaun

Blaupunkt has been making car stereos for a long time now and recently it announced its newest stereo head unit called the Melbourne SD27. The Melbourne SD27 ditches that oh so 90’s CD player in favor of getting its recorded music from SD and MMC cards. Now you don’t need that FM transmitter or a cable to play your digital music files in your car, all you need is a SD card or miniSD card with an adapter and you can play your tunes directly through the radio.

The cards have to be formatted in FAT 16 of FAT 32 and it can playback MP3 or WMA files. The SD27 also can display up to 127 directories of file names and ID3 tags of up to 30 characters. There is also an optional Bluetooth module and iPod control module available that allows connectivity to music phones wirelessly and control of your iPod from the radio.

VIA [ Blaupunkt ]