Blood Pressure Monitor Chides You If You’re Doing It Wrong


blood pressure meter

By David Ponce

You may think that flexing your biceps while your pressure is being taken (just to impress the nurse) is a good idea, but aside from making her think you’re a total douche, it can also alter your readings. You’ll not only end up with a few eyerolls, it might get you medication you don’t need. The same applies if you’re taking your own pressure at home: you have to do it a certain way. The affectionately named EW3039P bloodpressure meter, from Matsushita (Panasonic) in Japan, has sensors that detect improper placement, or unnecessary movement. It’ll then beep to correct you.

This could be useful for the elderly, or anyone with an obsessive (or medical) need to track their blood pressure. At roughly $100, it’s not overly expensive.

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