The Toy More and more people are finding very interesting ways to utilize the emerging Bluetooth wireless technology. UK based Cool and Groovy Toy Company has actually integrated Bluetooth technology into a vibrator. Aren’t vibrators wireless anyway?

Well, whoever came up with this idea is pretty creative. Known as The Toy, this high tech bullet actually connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. You and your significant other can be intimate regardless of distance. All you have to do is send a text message. Depending on what is written, different vibrations occur. Each letter that you type has a different effect.

Imagine if your friends find out about this device that you have. Can they send your significant other text messages too? Don’t worry, a six digit tag must be used in the text message to control the toy. Otherwise, would this be considered cheating, no?

First came Bluetooth breast implants and now this. The possibilities are endless. (I guess)

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