[A little old, but hey, sounds like fun. -Ed.]

This application of Bluetooth wireless technology seems very innovative and practical. When your Bluetooth cell phone rings, you do not need to go looking for your cell phone anymore. Just look up at your rearview mirror and you will see the caller’s phone number displayed right on the mirror. You answer the phone with a push of a button on the mirror that enables the speakerphone function. The mirror is powered off of the car and also has a battery built in that allows for 150 hours of standby and 7 hours of talk time.

Now when you see people looking into their rearview mirror, they may not be looking to see if anyone is behind them. They are just checking who is calling them.


  1. Bluetooth Binnenspiegel

    Veilig bellen in de auto? Wat dacht je van deze Bluetooth Binnenspiegel? Als je gebeld wordt, fungeert de binnenspiegel als display van je mobieltje. Je hoeft het ding dus niet meer uit je handtasje te halen. Ook werkt de spiegel…