By Evan Ackerman


A few months ago we mentioned that, if you were in the mood, you could pick up a customized Airbus A380 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner for only a few hundred million dollars. Boeing has just released a few more concept interiors from it’s Dreamliner VIP series, as well as the new 747-8, which is basically all the cool new features of the Dreamliner grafted onto a new stretched version of the trusty old 747-400. There’s a crazy amount (over 5,000 square feet) of interior space, as is demonstrated by pictures like these:

747-8 VIP Interior

Yep, that’s inside an airplane. It’s a bit of a shock for those of us who are used to flying coach and are thankful for the occasional extra legroom afforded by an exit row. Four of these monsters have been ordered already, due for commercial delivery by 2010. Click through to Boeing’s website for more interior pictures.

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