Image3D Viewmaster Slides (Image courtesy DVICE)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the era of dragging out the slide projector and screen to show off your vacation photos is thankfully long gone, it was at least better than having to pass around a low-res LCD picture frame or even worse, the digital camera itself. But if your friends grew up in the 70’s or 80’s they’d probably jump at the chance to peruse your holiday shots with a classic Viewmaster. Image3D has been creating custom Viewmaster slides for corporate clients for years now (a local restaurant uses them for their dessert menu) and the company is now offering the same service to Joe Consumer.

Of course since most amateur photographers don’t have a 3D camera the results will only be in 2D, but the company seems to offer a handful of 3D conversion services if you’re really hung up on the effect. I personally think the novelty of seeing your own shots through a Viewmaster is cool enough. As for the cost? The slides run $10 each which isn’t that bad, but there’s a minimum order limit of 10. And I’m not sure if that means 10 unique slides with different photos on each, or 10 copies of the same slide. They also sell the Viewmasters themselves for $3 but your old-school model from when you were a kid should work just as well.

[ Image3D ] VIA [ DVICE ]