Bosch, best known for their home appliances, is showing off their latest innovation at IFA 2017, a handheld scanner that takes the guess work out of laundry. The small handheld scanner is able to detect the source of stains, as well as determine the fabric of the clothing being scanned, which it reads out on it’s small LCD display and sends a method of cleaning to a connected washing machine. So you can simply scan that wool sweater that you stained at cousin eddy’s Bat Mitzvah and toss it right in the mashing machine, though honestly who brings a sweater to a Bat Mitzvah?

As great as a laundry companion the X-Spect could one day make, Bosch seems to be exploring the possibilities with the tech. One of the gadgets other neat tricks is that when used to scan food items such as a frozen pizza, it can begin preheating a connected oven to a predetermined temperature. Though, hopefully the X-Spect can learn to play well with other brands as I don’t see many people filling their house with Bosch appliances just to use the scanner.

As for many cool things, the X-Spect still sits in the early stages of development. But as for release, the company hopes to launch it ‘soon’. Which it could sell alongside one of their smart washing machines as opposed to trying to sell it as a stand-alone unit.

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