zilla.jpgBy David Ponce

Our own Evan is in San Francisco, covering Arse Elektronika, an Austrian sex and technology seminar. One of the first exhibits of the show was “F**Zilla”, a robotic sex machine outfitted with a conveyor belt made of tongues (called “Lick A Chick”) and other teledildonic implements. Straddling the fence between stupid and stupider, it still makes for interesting reading. Evan even got a video of a girl called “Binx”… trying out F**Zilla. Yeah, it’s totally NSFW, so you’ve been warned. But she’s behind a curtain, so it’s not completely smutty. But I bet she’s faking every second of it.

Still, don’t watch this video at work. Or school.

We’ll be bringing you more coverage of the show in the next few days, but for now, I’m pasting a link to the first article below.

[ BotJunkie At ArseElektronika ]


  1. The original Johnny 5 has a third “utility tool-arm”, which appears to be absent on this bot. I can’t believe they’ve missed THAT opportunity.