Breathing Powered USB Charger


Breathing Powered USB Charger (Image courtesy Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sure breathing keeps us alive but other than that it’s really wasted energy. Thankfully Instructables member ‘jmengel’ has cooked up a clever device that uses the expanding motion of your chest to power a charger for USB devices.

His original design used a parallel array of tiny pager motors to generate electricity from breathing but since your chest only expands about an inch it required a considerable amount of effort to generate a useful voltage. His new and improved design relies on the gearing and low-torque, high-RPM motor from an old CDROM drive in conjunction with a few other electronics and an elastic band from a broccoli stalk. Definitely homebrew at its finest here.

The project requires a wide range of ‘maker’ skills but if you think you’re up to the task you can find his detailed instructions posted on Instructables.

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