Bright Blind Creates Fake Windows


Bright Blind (Image courtesy Generate Pipeline)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think this is a pretty great idea, and if you work in a windowless office you might also. The Bright Blind was created by Makoto Hirahara and it basically recreates the look of a window covered by venetian blinds, but on any wall. The slats on the blinds are made from electroluminescent sheets that produce enough of a glow to recreate the look of diffused light coming from outside.

Like with real blinds, turning the plastic stick will adjust the brightness up and down but unfortunately since the original version was actually created by hand, if you want your own you better have a lot of patience and probably a lot of money.

[ Bright Blind ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]


  1. Good idea, fairly simple (though not trivial or easy) to replicate with EL sheets or LEDs, but I have no idea how you’d run power to it without making it look fake as all get out.

  2. That is totally wild! It just needs fake plants to make the picture complete. I don’t know what the Global warming activists would say, but maybe a waste of engery.