Broken Image Necklace

By Evan Ackerman

This necklace is giving me a serious headache. I imagine it’s because I write the occasional website, and broken images feel like a punch in the gut, and punches in the gut always give me headaches. No matter how many times you refresh the page, the image on this plastic pendant simply will not load properly. The necklace is leather with a silver clasp, and at 17″, should be long enough to strangle nearly everyone. $20 at Thinkgeek.

You know, I don’t remember what particular browser this iconic broken image symbol first came from… Anybody know?

[ Broken Image Necklace ]


  1. Netscape Navigator / Communicator 4.x. I’m sure, because I was using it until 2004(?), when it was already kinda technology dinosaur. (Now I’m using SeaMonkey.) Also, I did not even noticed that this icon is from an old software, it’s _the_ broken image item for me 🙂