Brush & Rinse Toothbrush (Images courtesy Amron Experimental)
By Andrew Liszewski

Normally when we write about a toothbrush it’s a high-tech rechargeable wonder with built-in timers and vibrating plaque-busting features. The Brush & Rinse however has nothing like that but in my opinion is far more useful than even the most expensive brushes on the market. The back of the toothbrush’s head has been specially engineered so that it can effectively redirect water from a faucet to your mouth for easy rinsing. As the designers put it:

At this point, no one should be using disposable cups for rinsing after brushing. No one should have to wash a glass or cup everytime they rinse. No one should have to lap water from their hand. No one should be forced to slurp excess water from toothbrush bristles. Current methods of getting water into our mouths for rinsing after brushing are sloppy, create waste, and place unnecessary stress on our bodies. And, people love water fountains.

The Brush & Rinse toothbrush has a retail price of $3 but doesn’t actually appear to be available for sale on the Amron Experimental website. However you can buy 1 of 27 original working prototypes for only $1,750 each.

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  1. “No one should have to lap water from their hand.” Why not? I don’t use throw away cups, I don’t have to wash a glass every few days, and it gets the job done.

    Additionally, using your hands undoubtably uses less water than this toothbrush does – just look at all that water going down the drain. In the long run, this is probably worse for the environment.

  2. I would’nt necessarily use it but i think its very smart, its original, any original thinking should be rewarded in this day and age

  3. I’m sure it’s some sort of spoon like device but if there’s some sort of a tube involved then that thing is going to get pretty nasty pretty fast.. 😛

  4. Well, it is all retarded. I used my hands to hold the water so no need for cups or such toothbrush. I haven’t had a cup in the bathroom for so long and I can’t remember when I first started using my hands instead of a cup.

  5. What all of you are failing to realize is that cup goes IN YOUR MOUTH!!! yuck! talk about a breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention that you are going to be rinsing with backwashed toothpaste still trapped in the cup… and because of it’s “convient” water spout design if you do try to rinse the cup out you are going to spray water everywhere!!! for me I’m sticking to my hand.

  6. This is definitely incredibly original, but I don’t know how useful it actually is.

    It would seem to be easier to cup your hands and bring water up to your mouth than leaning your mouth very close to the sink.

    Still, kudos to the designer for a very original concept.

  7. I can’t believe how much I hate this product. Anyone who likes this toothbrush OBVIOUSLY dropped out of college. Why can’t you just use your hand…? Or not rinse at all? I’m embarrassed to have even visited this site.

  8. Id buy one and and prolly still use my hands, but thats awesome. its worth 3 bucks… its like a toothbrush water fountain…rad ass toothbrush.. bet u could make up sum fun drinking games with that thing..even tho ud prolly waste half the beer. but i think itd be worth it atleast a couple of times!

  9. Very cool idea. I hate cluttering the bathroom counter with cups. I hope the design is such that it doesn’t spray water in various directions when I’m cleaning the bristles. (Sometimes I clean the toilet bowl with a toothbrush. If I use this brush, will it spray toilet water in my mouth?)

  10. What was that someone said about “dentists recommend that you not rinse”?

    How on Earth are we supposed to not rinse? I’m extremely baffled… When I brush my teeth, I end up with a mouthful of foamy, slimy gunk that’s loaded with Flouride and other things that humans are ill-advised to consume in large quantities. If I remember correctly, the toothpaste containers even say “do not swallow” on them.

    So has something changed recently? Are we supposed to swallow that nasty stuff or something? I’m very confused now, as I’ve never heard such advice from any dentist.

  11. It’s a case of solving a problem THAT DOESN’T EXIST!! Or could it be for people with no arms? In which case, what the heck are they worrying about toothbrushes for?
    This reminds me of an invention entered for BBC’s Dragons’ Den….the cucumber keep fresh device……until it was pointed out that you can just cut the end off at the cost of about 2 pence.
    Poor show – find some PROBLEMS to solve you morons.

  12. This definitely has a purpose. Take, for example, a person who has to take a pill every morning, like me (and lots of other women out there). If you brush your teeth and then use your hand, you then have to dry your hands, get the pill out, then use your hands again to cup the water for the pill. If you don’t dry your hands inbetween, the pill starts to disolve when you touch it.

    With this, you rinse using the brush, grab your pill, use brush again to swallow – much faster, and no chance of the icky tasting disolving pill in your mouth!

  13. I don’t know why everything thinks this is retarded.. it actually looks very useful. Having disposable cups around can be annoying sometimes, and using the same cup over and over can be, unhygienic. This solves both of those problems.

  14. it’s best not to rinse after brushing? right, and swallow a bit of fluoride and a pile of other chemicals 2x a day. you keep that one up buddy. enjoy the stomach cancer.

  15. If you must rinse,rinse with a generic listerine with a flavor that you dont mind rinsing out.As far as the concept,it is highly dependant on the water pressure and abilities of the user to multitask.I believe it might sell but not receive much repeat business.

  16. In love with your own hand? Simply use the Brush & Rinse Toothbrush as a toothbrush and forget about the additional functionality that you just got for free – a small price to pay for dry hands.

  17. “Wow, what’s so hard about cleaning a non-disposable rinsing cup?”

    Forget about how often you actually clean your cup and how much water and soap you waste in doing so…

    What about the clutter of having a cup on your sink or counter ALL THE TIME. This definitley saves space….Great for travel too!

  18. For all the people who ask why? because they can just use their hands. Why use a car when you can just use your feet? Why use a remote when you could get off your butt and change the channel? Why use the clicker on your key chain when you could just use the key in your hand already?
    This is just one more ‘fad’. It may catch on, it may not.

  19. Listen, obviously you can use your hands or a cup, but if you buy a toofbrush, why not have this built it?

    Personly, I think its awesome. A really cool novelty.

  20. No one should have to lap water from their hand??? No wonder kids today are wussy overprotected little pansies who feel entitled to a pain- and obstacle-free life, with messages like that.

  21. Hahahaha, I could make a mini fountain out of that! *ermcough*
    I find it pointless for myself considering I just stick my head under the faucet, opening my mouth and getting water that way. No sweat really.
    And what’s wrong with cups? Should we stop drinking out of them or something? o_O puh!

  22. What’s so hard about riding a horse or walking wherever you need to go? Why bother with running water and plumbing when you can collect rain water and crap in a bucket? I don’t get why people buy tools when you can make everything you need from a bison corpse.

    Anyway, for the “running water” criticism, do you fill your hand up and shut the water off before getting the water to your hands? Are your hands fat enough to seal perfectly or do they leak a little?