Bubble Wrap Calendar Just Begs To Be Popped


By Luke Anderson

Wall calendars are rather boring objects. I usually have one hanging up, though if you look closely you’ll generally notice that it’s a month or three behind. I stick them on the wall intending to write down important dates and such, but to be honest, I just use my computer to remember that stuff. However, if you like keeping track of the days on the wall, and want something a little out of the ordinary, this is the calendar for you.

The Bubble Calendar is essentially a giant calendar made out of bubble wrap. Each day is represented by a bubble, and rather than putting an ‘x’ through the days as they pass, you simply pop the bubble. It seems like a rather novel idea, however, I see two flaws. First, you can’t really mark important dates, since the numbers are covered by clear plastic bubbles. Then you have the issue of a small child (or really bored adult) coming along and popping half of the bubbles in one fell swoop. At least it’s cheap (maybe not for your average calendar, but it’s still not very expensive) at $30.

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