Buffalo OTOKORO Mini iPod Speaker Is Kind Of All Over The Place

Buffalo OTOKORO Mini iPod Speaker (Image courtesy AudioCubes)

Buffalo OTOKORO Mini iPod Speaker (Image courtesy AudioCubes)By Andrew Liszewski

It seems like Buffalo decided to cast a big net when they designed this miniature iPod speaker, in order to appeal to as many users as possible. First, there’s the iPod users who think that everyone else wants to hear what they’re listening to. The OTOKORO speaker connects to your iPod (iPod Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen. / iPod 4th, 5th Gen. / iPod Classic 80/120/160GB / iPod Mini 1st, 2nd Gen. / iPod Touch 2nd Gen) via the dock connector which not only allows you to blare your tunes, but also control the volume via a set of + and – buttons. (Even though the iPod’s own volume controls should still work fine.)

Also, I guess since the speaker is cube-shaped and has a couple of round buttons, Buffalo figured they could go the whole nine yards and make it look like a single die, appealing to the problem gamblers. And finally, instead of leaving a single dot on one side, they replaced it with a heart graphic, which should appeal to teenage girls and those who can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to roll around every year.

You can get it from AudioCubes for $39.99, and it apparently comes in 6 different colors that each feature a different ‘special mark.’

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