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Buffalo’s WiFi Adaptor Will Boost Signal 210%

wifi booster

By David Ponce

There are many ways that you could use this product from Buffalo, and not all of them legal. So, let’s conjure an image where this might come in handy, the legal way. Say you’ve got a really, really large front yard. Say 150 meters long. And you just happen to be in the mood to do some work from the very end. Your WiFi router is a home, of course, and the signal just won’t get to you. Simply connect the WLI U2 SGH54HP, from Buffalo, to a USB port, and you’re set. The device boosts your signal by up to 210% and increases the range up to 170 meters. That’s pretty damn far if you think about it. Specs wise, this is what we know: Vista compatible, Wi-Fi b/g, WEP 64/128bits, WPA-PSK and IPv6.

For this handy device, expect to pay around 30 Euros. No word on availability, at least this side of the pond.

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