‘Bye Bye Laundry’ Hangers Get Rid of the Stink on Your Clothes

Odor-cleansing hangers

Odor-cleansing hangers

Too lazy to do your laundry? Then here’s a bit of good news for you: One day you might not have to do it every day–that is, if British designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson’s Bye Bye Laundry hanger concept catches on. These hangers are made up of a loop that’s attached to a dome encasing oxygen-processed activated charcoal. Instead of washing your clothes, all you’ll have to do is hang them on the loop and let the charcoal do its thing.

These hangers aren’t available commercially yet, and we’re not sure if they ever will be. And while they promise to get rid of the stench on your clothes, they won’t remove stains or bacteria, so you’ll eventually have to wash your clothes after a few wears. But that’s better than having to throw them in the wash after every use, right?

Lisa explains her motivation for coming up with the hangers:

There is a moment between clean and unclean clothes that has got very little attention. Sometimes we throw half-dirty clothes in the laundry basket too often because we don’t know where else to put them.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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