Look around. Look around right now. See all those ugly cables all over the place? No? Look behind the desk… Right… see? They’re ugly. No, no, they’re not modern kitschy or anything. No.

Just plain ugly.

So, uh, do something about it. Californian company Bluelounge wants to help, with their new ultra-thin cablecord management device called “CableYoyo”. There isn’t a whole lot of high tech in here. It’s just an ingenious and stylish little thing. Simply wind up to 8ft. (depending on the thickness of your cord) of whatever excess cable length you’ve got (so long’s as it’s under 3.5mm diameter) inside this case and either put it in your pocket, stick it to the back of your computer (with the included adhesive attachment), under a desk, or what have you.

Sadly, there is no automatic winding mechanism, but for 5$, does it really matter? It comes in three colors, black, white and silver and the sexy little thing can be bought here.

Story VIA Josh Spear.