Camera Armor Keeps Your DSLR Safe


By Chris Scott Barr

I have a DSLR, and let me tell you, carrying around something as bulky and expensive as that can be terrifying. Slung around one shoulder and hanging just above my hip, that thing is just one smacked wall away from destruction. Granted, I’ve had it for almost three years now, and it has only managed to take a couple of small scratches from my clumsiness. However, it would be nice if there were a better way to protect it, without keeping it stashed in a protective carrying case.

One company does offer a solution unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s a silicon body armor for your camera, along with a protective armor ring for your lens and cover for your LCD. Each piece of armor is specifically designed for a different camera model, making sure that it is a perfect fit. It might not help it survive in a particularly crushing impact, but everyday bumps and smacks might have a lessened effect on your camera if it has one of these. The best part is that the armor only costs $40. I’d say that’s well worth the money.

[ Camera Armor ] VIA [ PetaPixel ]