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Canopi System Keeps Your Bed Cool At Night

Canopi System Keeps Your Bed Cool At Night

By Chris Scott Barr

The worst part about the hot summer days is trying to get to sleep at night. I don’t mind being a little warmer during the day (and thus not having to blast the A/C all the time), but when I climb into bed, I like to be nice and cool. A fan in the window does the trick on some nights, but others it is still too hot and muggy outside. This Canopi system is supposed to be a solution for this very problem.

The Canopi takes air from under your bed, cools it (via a wall-mounted air conditioner) and gently distributes the air over your bed. Since you’re only trying to keep a small area cooled, you shouldn’t need to use nearly as much power as you would by turning down the thermostat. The only downfall is that the unit costs over $4,500. If you’re looking to save money, this isn’t a quick way to do it. I’m sure you’d eventually start making back your investment, but you’ll take a long time to break even.

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