By David Ponce

It’s no point repeating it on every single article, we all know winter’s pretty much already here. At least for those of us who don’t live in or near the tropics, this presents us with many issues. And none is more pressing than that of dealing with cold cars in winter. Most people get remote car starters and let things idle until toasty enough to drive away in. But that’s wasteful, people! Much better to plunk down this large electric heater with a programmable clock. Set what time you expect to be in your car and 20 minutes prior it will begin blasting hot air through its two tilting vents. Not sure what time you’re leaving? There’s a remote that works up to 200 feet away as well.

Sure the engine won’t be warm but that can be done in 2 or 3 minutes rather than the much longer time it takes to get the inside warm as well. You save gas, save the planet a little and everyone’s happy. The Car Interior Preheater can then be recharged through AC or with an included car charger.

It’s $120.

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  1. Absolute
    stupidest idea ever. That’s great! Your car is all nice and warm when
    you got inside of it. What happens when you start you car and start
    driving? Your *car* is not warmed up, only the air inside. So your
    heater is still going to blow cold air for your drive to work…. Just
    buy a remote start and warm your car up the right way…. It can even be
    installed so that your seat heaters and defroster are fired up too.