Casio Is Making A $500 Selfie Camera For Asia That Will Sell Like Mad


While smartphones have basically killed compact cameras, there’s still a market for compact cameras that can take your selfie game higher to the next level. Casio knows this is especially true in Asia, and has been selling a $900 camera specifically made for selfies. The reason for this is as the social network Weibo is rapidly growing in China, women are essentially competing to make the most attractive profiles.

Well, now they’re expanding their line with the $500 TR Mini, a smaller version of their TR80 camera. The TR Mini is shaped like a pocket mirror and has a ring of 8 LEDs for taking well-lit selfies anywhere. The sensor is 12-Megapixels, but is cut to 8-Megapixels because they know people want to share those square shots. The camera also includes low-energy Bluetooth transfer to your phone, because every second your selfie isn’t online, is one less person envious of how pretty you are.

The cameras are unlikely to be ever be sold here. Which is a little sad considering its fans love them so much they refer to them as a “selfie God device”. Though to be fair, every selfie I take is already god-like.

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