Caterpillar makes tough stuff. It’s known for its range of job-site tools and vehicles, but now it’s venturing into the smartphone business. You’d think it an odd choice, until you see the S60 Smartphone they’re releasing. Its most interesting feature is that it’s the first smartphone with an integrated FLIR camera, which lets on-site workers easily detect “heat loss around windows or doors, spotting moisture or missing insulation, or indentifying misfit electric appliances.” But when you’re not pointing the thing around looking for errant heat, you can be sure the device will survive life on the job site thanks to its “Mil Spec 810G case that can withstand drops of 1.8 meters and is waterproof to 5 meters, a die-cast frame, and a 4.7-inch touchscreen with automatic wet finger and glove support.” It’s got everything a construction worker or contractor would ever want, runs Android Marshmallow with 3GB of RAM on a Snapdragon 617 Octa-core processor, and costs all of $600, available “later this year.”

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