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Celery: Email For The Elderly, Or Otherwise Email Challenged

celery email serviceBy David Ponce

Believe it or not, there are still people that do not use email. I’m thinking the 70+ set, though of course there could be others. It could be because of lack of ability, resources, knowledge, or whatever else, but the point is, some of your loved ones could be missing out on something almost everyone is taking for granted. A New York based company strangely called Celery is marketing a device that would allow just about anyone to use email is a most rudimentary form.

To send an email, the “Late or Never Adopter” (as the company calls them) simply hand-writes a letter. They then drop it in Celery’s inbox. This device looks an awful lot like a multi-function printer, and the “inbox” is nothing more than a scanner. The then-scanned letter gets automagically emailed to a preset recipient.

As you can imagine, to receive an email, Celery simply prints it out.

Pricing for the device is between $220 and $260, and includes up to 900 yearly transmissions (or roughly 2.5 a day), though there are no monthly gaps, which means you can go nuts during Christmas, and ignore grandma the rest of the time.

[Celery] Thanks, Kyle!