By Evan Ackerman

Next week at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Polymer Vision will be showcasing a PDA device with a flexible display. When not in use, the display wraps around its electronics, effectively giving you a five inch display out of a form factor that’s “smaller than a typical mobile phone.” The grayscale display features 16 shades, and is apparently bright and contrasty enough to read in full sunlight while retaining an average battery life of 10 days (!). The unit itself will debut with 4 gigs of onboard memory, a mini USB port, and a touch sensitive LED display (separate from the screen).

Now, we should point out that despite the not-so-subtle allusions, this thing isn’t a cell phone and can’t make phone calls. It connects to a GSM data network and can download books, maps, email, and music. It also doesn’t seem to be able to handle moving images, but support for this (as well as a color screen) are on the way. It’s always exciting when a technology that has spent so long in the realm of the personal jetpack and the flying car finally hits the consumer market.

Initial availability will be in Italy later this year. No pricing information yet, but hopefully we’ll get more details from 3GSM.

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