By David Ponce

Any one of the ClickFree family of products is something I actually would give my mom, or any one of the two dozen people I know who can’t backup their files because they find the process mystically confusing. Of all the products I saw at Pepcom, this was quite likely one of the most useful and with the highest mass market appeal. You just plug the device into any USB port… and that’s it. Assuming Autoplay is not disabled, the software will launch and search through your system for any of 400 different file types you’d want to backup. So it’ll find and backup any JPEGs, AVIs, MOVs, etc, automatically, but will overlook things like DLLs, system files or executables. Once it’s done, it’ll give you a report on what was backed up. You unplug it and that’s it: you have a backup.

Next time you plug it in, it will do incremental backups, meaning no dupes. You can even use it on multiple PCs, and the broken down report will tell you which files were backed up from which PC.

There are several products here. Several of them are portable drives in sizes 120GB to 500GB, and one not-terribly-portable 1TB drive. The picture on the left is the 320GB version. The product on the right is the ClickFree Transformer, which is a USB dongle-like device that sits between any old portable drive you may already own, and your PC’s USB drive, thus giving your own drive the full ClickFree functionality. The Transformer is $60.

Link to a PDF press release (because it wouldn’t let me paste without all sorts of annoying formatting) below.

[ Press Release ]

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