By Evan Ackerman

These corkscrewy cables are Flexicords, which can stretch out to 10 feet from their coiled length of about 1 foot. It’s designed to help keep things neat and tidy by keeping excess cable from lying around all over the place for you to trip over and fall and smash your head open. Flexicords aren’t sproingy; rather, they have “patent-pending Memory Cordâ„¢ Technology” that holds the cord in whatever position you bend it into, which opens up all kinds of exciting cordy art project possibilities. To recoil the cord, the Flexicord packaging includes a “simple recoiling tool” which is basically just a tube that you wrap the cable around.

You can get Flexicords in HDMI, S-video, composite, CAT5, and four flavors of 6 foot USB cables. They’ll be for sale in February online for a little bit more than you’d pay for an equivalent non-Flexicord cord.

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