By Chris Scott Barr

There’s little argument that inductive charging is the way of the future. After all, who wouldn’t want to eliminate cords from their mobile devices and charge one simply by setting it on a mat? Energizer is no stranger to the idea, and have been working on a new Wireless Charging Mat that they hope will help pave the way for this revolution.

Energizer has been working with the Wireless Power Consortium to craft a charging pad that will adhere to all forthcoming standards (dubbed Qi). The idea is that once the standards are set in place (which will hopefully be in the near future) people will be able to charge all compliant devices with this pad. Until such devices hit the market, you will still be able to use this with a Blackberry or iPhone using the available adapters, which come in the form of phone cases.

The Wireless Charging Pad will have two areas for charging, with one additional USB port that can be used to charge a third device if needed. The pad does not contain any magnets, which means credit cards and other magnetic devices are perfectly safe around it. Look for this sometime in the summer for an MSRP of $100.

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