By Chris Scott Barr

Back in November of last year we saw that GM was working on a mobile app that would talk to your Chevy Volt. While interesting, the app had limited functionality and wasn’t all that exciting. Well GM teamed up with OnStar here at CES to show us just how much has changed in the last couple of months.

With an actual Chevy Volt in the room, the two teamed up to demonstrate the various functions that would be at your fingertips. The app was able to not only tell us how much of a charge the car has and various statistics about recent mileage, but it gives you remote access to a variety of the car’s functions.

We were able to watch as commands were issued to lock/unlock the doors, start the engine and honk the horn/flash lights. The app can also send SMS messages when specific events occur, such as when your car is finished charging or when the charge is interrupted. The features of the app include:

Volt App

  • displays charge status – plugged in or not, and voltage (120V or 240V)
  • provides flexibility to “Charge Now” or schedule charge timing
  • displays percentage of battery charge level, electric and total ranges
  • allows owner to manually set grid-friendly charge mode for off-peak times when electricity rates are lowest
  • sends text or email notifications for charge reminders, interruptions and full charge
  • displays miles per gallon, electric only miles, and odometer readings
  • shows miles per gallon, EV miles and miles driven for last trip and lifetime
  • remotely start the vehicle to pre-condition the interior temperature

The app will be available on Blackberry, Droid and the iPhone. Now we just have to wait for the first Volts to come off the line and into people’s garages.